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9788894941005 - Sonya Allread: Crystal Healing - The Practical Guide To Start Your Gemstone Healing Journey Today - Libro

Sonya Allread (?):

Crystal Healing - The Practical Guide To Start Your Gemstone Healing Journey Today (2017) (?)

Consegna da: CanadaNuovo libroeBook, e-Book, libro digitaleprodotto per il download digitale

9788894941005 (?) o 8894941000

, lingua sconosciuta, Bumble Bee Media, Bumble Bee Media, Bumble Bee Media, Nuovo, eBook, download digitale
3,75 (C$ 5,99)¹(Spedizione gratuita, senza impegno)
Dal venditore/antiquario
DISCOVER THE GEMSTONE HEALING POWERYour step-by-step guideWith this book, filled with amazing photos, you will learn all you need to know about healing stones and the healing potential of crystalsYou will learn what it is, how to treat illnesses with it and you will get the step by step instructions and easy directions to start discovering their amazing holistic healing abilities helping you to move your first steps towards your Inner Source of Positive and Natural EnergyGemstone therapy is an ancient healing system that uses the precise placement of crystals on the body and the space surrounding it. It is a natural, non-invasive, and relaxing processThe person is treated holistically, and is one of the best ways to ensure your family's health and your own beautyBecause of its powerful action on the energetic aspect of your whole body, it can also be used as a beauty procedure and has long been known as a powerful anti-age action as well as an effective way to strengthen and rejuvenate the whole body and nervous systemThe book is meant for beginners, with no prior natural medicine experience. I will walk you through what you need to do to get started - step by step, nothing is left out.A smart alphabetical index will let you easily find the topics/keywords of your interestYou want to learn Healing with Gemstones, but basically you ask yourself: "Do crystals work?"I imagine that you need to find alternative approaches to heal your body and mind. And that's goodAnd since I don't believe in casual events, I'm happy you're here, because I know Crystal Healing did work for me and for countless people throughout the centuries, so I know it will work for you as wellAnd since you need an alternative healing experience, now you also feel that you need to learn Gemstone Healing to get you where you want to be, that is, in a better state of health and energy, and that's very goodBut this can happen only if you want to learn Crystal Healing, only if you commit yourself to start
Numero di ordinazione del venditore: d63f71c2-d1f6-42a0-835c-af3ae118a7d5
Numero di ordine della piattaforma Kobobooks.cn: 544769788894941005
Categoria: Health
Parole chiavi: Crystal Healing - The Practical Guide To Start Your Gemstone Healing Journey Today Sonya Allread Adult Health 9788894941005
Dati da 06/03/2018 16:58h
ISBN (notazioni alternative): 88-94941-00-0, 978-88-94941-00-5


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