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Voce dell'archivio:
9788826082974 - Dominique Paige: Feminization, FinDom and FemDom Bundle - Libro

Dominique Paige (?):

Feminization, FinDom and FemDom Bundle (2017) (?)

Consegna da: BrasileNuovo libroeBook, e-Book, libro digitaleprodotto per il download digitale

9788826082974 (?) o 8826082979

, lingua sconosciuta, 25 Eagles, 25 Eagles, 25 Eagles, Nuovo, eBook, download digitale
FemDom Bundle: Four FemDom Stories Included in this bundle are the following titles: Feminization Nation: This is the story of life in Algerinia, a nation where women rule with complete power and men simply serve as entertainment. John Marquis is selected from a pool of eligible men to entertain the rulers of Algerinia as they humiliate and feminize him in every way possible before they're satisfied. Financial Domination: This is the story of how Victoria dominates a weak man in every way: financially, sexually, and mentally. Soon he is pushed to the limit as she makes him do things he never even thought possible. This book contains themes of BDSM, CFNM, FemDom, and FinDom (Financial Domination). Husband Humiliation: When Matt walks through the door after a long day at the office, he has no idea his life is about to change forever. He finds out that his wife has discovered his secret FemDom fetish, and wants to be his dominatrix! Matt is thrilled to begin with, but quickly finds his will being tested as she humiliates him in ways he never thought possible. When she invites his best friend over, he has to endure the ultimate challenge as she forces him to watch while she pleases his best friend in ways she never did for him! Serving the Billionaire's Wife: When Jerry shows up for his first day working for a billionaire, he's not sure what to expect. Nothing could prepare him for what his job really entails! His boss's wife Carol uses her position of power to coerce and manipulate him into an obedient plaything, and soon Jerry finds himself struggling with his morals as his tasks become more and more degrading. Will Jerry finally give up and leave, or will he hold out and learn the true pleasures of submission?
Categoria: Romance
Parole chiavi: Feminization, Fin Dom and Fem Dom Bundle Dominique Paige Adult Romance 9788826082974
Dati da 09/06/2017 12:13h
ISBN (notazioni alternative): 88-260-8297-9, 978-88-260-8297-4
Voce dell'archivio:
9788826082974 - Feminization, FinDom and FemDom Bundle - Libro

Feminization, FinDom and FemDom Bundle (?)

Consegna da: Italia

9788826082974 (?) o 8826082979

, in italiano
3 - 4 gg
Categoria: ebook
Dati da 09/06/2017 12:13h
ISBN (notazioni alternative): 88-260-8297-9, 978-88-260-8297-4


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